I'm Andrei Vidican

Front-end developer

About my site

I've started developing my site 5 years ago and continuously refined it. It began as a simple WordPress site, using PHP, HTML, SCSS, jQuery and a lot of plugins. Using the data acquired to better understand my users, I've come to remove unused sections of my site which meant removing plugins and unused code and displaying the area of interest as soon as the user landed on my page.

My current setup is still using WordPress as CMS along with the REST API which I'm using to create components with the help of Vue.js, completely removed the use of jQuery and came down to using only 2 plugins.

I'm continuously trying to improve as a developer, I'm always experimenting with new technology. As I'm still happy with the design of my site I'm currently looking to change to a content-first approach that helps me to freely implement new technology on my site. My plan for the near future is to use Angular and Contentful to re-develop my site as a SPA.

About me

I’m a front end developer living and working in London, UK. Originally, I come from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, known as the Silicon Valley of Transylvania.

Every year I make time to improve as a developer focusing on the key skills of my role. My current skill-set includes JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, GraphQL, Git, Webpack, HTML5, CSS3 + preprocessors like SCSS using the BEM methodology, jQuery, PHP, GitHub, Bitbucket and agile workflows.

I have experience developing custom made themes for CMS's like WordPress and Drupal but between the two of these, I prefer working with WordPress which drove me to learn how to use WP-CLI.

In an ever-changing industry, I’m passionate about keeping current and innovative in my work.

I can help

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, whether you are a freelancer, small business or a non-profit organisation and you'd like to tell me about your project or you just want to say hello, please get in touch.