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Andrei Vidican front-end developer

About me

I'm a front end developer living and working in London, UK. Originally, I come from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, known as the Silicon Valley of Transylvania.

Every year I make time to improve as a developer focusing on the key skills of my role. My current skill-set includes JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, GraphQL, Git, Webpack, HTML5, CSS3 + preprocessor like SCSS using the BEM methodology, jQuery, PHP, GitHub, Bitbucket and agile workflows.

I have experience developing custom made themes for CMS's like WordPress and Drupal but between the two of these, I prefer working with WordPress which drove me to learn how to use WP-CLI.

I'm continuously trying to improve as a developer, I'm always experimenting with new technology. As I'm still happy with the design of my site I'm currently looking to change to a content-first approach that helps me to freely implement new technology on my site. My plan for the near future is to use Angular and Contentful to re-develop my site as a SPA.

In an ever-changing industry, I'm passionate about keeping current and innovative in my work.

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I can help

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, whether you are a freelancer, small business or a non-profit organization and you'd like to tell me about your project or you just want to say hello, please get in touch.